Cantina Royal Hot Sauce Lover Pack

Cantina Royal Hot Sauce Lover Pack

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The Cantina Royal Gift Pack


perfectly giftable, travel friendly Hot Sauce samplers featuring Cantina Royal's full assortment of hot sauce and chile oil in a branded gift box.

Highlights 9 different varieties of fresh & dried Mexican Chile Peppers with inspired spicing. including Jalapeño, Serrano, Arbol, Piquin, Guajillo, Habanero Seco, Cuaresmeño, Manzano, & Habanero

All Sauces are Vegan & Gluten Free

CHECHARE Green Chiles in Aged House Vinegar Hot Sauce

TOMASA Manzano & Habanero Spicy Chile Sauce

TIA PIKY LUX Smoked Garlic & Arbol Chile Oil

TAMAULIPEKA Sweet Tamarind & Smoky Chile Hot Sauce

YAYA Your Everyday Arbol Chile Hot Sauce

Perfect holiday host gift, office secret santa MVP, Corporate gift, Housewarming, or toss in your bag for your next trip out of town. Never be without your favorite hot sauce!